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But why can’t Santa bring me an iPad? How to Answer Kids’ Tough Holiday Money Questions
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After interviewing families who have managed to cohabitate and remain on speaking terms, I found that a few common themes emerge. First, the details of the arrangement are discussed in advance as well as on an ongoing basis, and any problems are addressed immediately. Second, the 20-somethings help their parents out, too, financially and otherwise. And third, the adult children usually have an exit strategy in mind. 3 Secrets to Living with Your Parents
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Closely spaced pregnancies may raise the risk of autism, suggests new research published in Pediatrics. Babies born within a year of a sibling were three times more likely to be diagnosed with autism than those born after three years or more; children born less than two years after an older sibling had nearly twice the risk. Health Buzz: Autism Risk Increases With Close Pregnancies, Study Suggests
Thursday, January 6, 2011
When I ask children about their favorite family memories, a lot of them will talk about a ritual. They’re islands of stability in the torrential currents of our culture. How to Be a Better Parent in 2011